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About Us

A Healthy Whole Grain Granola Brand That Doesn't Compromise Taste and Quality for Healthy.

The Company

Our Granolas is all the way Emirati and baked daily in Abu Dhabi in small batches.

Gluten free oats, olive oil, coconut sugar as well as the amount of premium Nuts and Seeds are some of the high quality carefully sourced  ingredients we use in our Granola.  Tasting our Granolas is an experience by itself, we have made our flavors for everyone and all occasions and lifestyles.  Bon Appetite!

Our Mission

Oloaa’s mission is to raise awareness in our society about the consumption of heathy snacks and change the mindset of people to acquire a healthy nutritional lifestyle.

Our Vision

Oloaa’s vision is to create healthy yet super delicious Granola with a wide variety of flavors to meet the needs of our customers based on their preferences, Oloaa is not only producing Granola but giving people a taste to be remembered.

The Founder

The idea of Oloaa was born in 2012 when I had to change my diet to Gluten free as I was diagnosed with a celiac disease. From that day, Granola has been my passion and love. I started to make my own Granolas and tasted many brands during my travel, the result was Oloaa’s classic Fruit Free flavor, which you taste by yourself. My kids and family loved it, but I was not sure if I should convert my passion to business, nevertheless, Life is too short and was determined in 2020 to make this dream come to live and become flourishing in the years to come.



We value, and grateful, to be Emirati.


We value a healthy lifestyle and your wellbeing.


We value our creativity and intensity in baking our Granola.

Gluten-free granola
No artificial flavours in granola
Preservatives-free granola
No added sugar in granola